Posted 7 hours ago

Chris McDaniel Visits Ten MS Republican Groups in Ten Days

Republican Chris McDaniel has travelled across the state over the past 10 days in his campaign to represent Mississippi in the U.S. Senate, visiting Republican women’s clubs, Republican committees, and Republican clubs across the state.

Over the last 10 days, McDaniel has been greeted by standing-room-only crowds while serving as the featured speaker at the Republican executive committees and…

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Posted 17 hours ago

Gov. Phil Bryant Signs Measures to Protect Mississippi’s Right to Work Status

Gov. Phil Bryant signed into law a package of three bills to protect Mississippi’s right-to-work status. The bills are supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Senate Bill 2473 prohibits an organization, corporation or individual from damaging or threatening to damage property or products and protects employees from being harassed into surrendering their rights in the midst of a unionization…

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Posted 1 day ago

McDaniel lands big endorsement from Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund endorsed Republican candidate Chris McDaniel in his campaign for U.S. Senate today.

“Larry Pratt and Tim Macy are two of the nation’s top defenders of Second Amendment rights, and I could not be more please to have their support,” said McDaniel. “The threat from Washington, D.C. to our God-given right to bear arms is a real one, and I’m proud to stand…

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Posted 1 day ago

HARRISON: State GOP needs TEA Party support.

BY: Bobby Harrison

The McDaniel/Cochran campaign has the potential to attract many newcomers to the Republican Party primary. The race, it appears by the number of television commercials already being aired and the animosity already being displayed by both campaigns, will be hotly contested. And there is no party primary on the Democratic side of any significance. Cochran, of course, is the…

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Posted 1 day ago

Southern Company agrees to share Kemper County power research with Chinese firm

Southern Co. has signed a deal with a state-owned Chinese coal and energy company to help develop coal technologies, based in part on the coal gasification and carbon capture technology that Southern subsidiary Mississippi Power Co. is deploying at the $5 billion Kemper County power plant.

The deal, signed April 8, calls for Atlanta-based Southern to work with Shenhua as well as universities and…

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Posted 1 day ago

PULLMAN: Regulations Threaten School Choice

BY: Joy Pullman

Some state lawmakers and the Obama administration have attacked school choice programs in Louisiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin from behind, through regulations. In a lawsuit brought by the Obama administration, a federal court has ruled Louisiana must supply the feds the name, address, race, and desired school of every child who wants a state voucher so federal bureaucrats can decide…

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Posted 1 day ago

Mississippi ranks 14th in nation for economic competitiveness, 39th in economic performance.

Mississippi ranks 14th in the nation in terms of future economic performance, according to a report released this week from the American Legislative Exchange Council.

The 2014 economic outlook ranking is a forward-looking measure of how each state can expect to perform based on 15 policy areas that have proven, over time, to be the best determinants of economic success, according to the report.


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Posted 2 days ago

PLUNKETT: It’s time for Republicans who will answer questions and lead.

PLUNKETT: It’s time for Republicans to talk.

BY: B. Keith Plunkett @Keithplunkett

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”-John Maxwell

Mississippi Republicans should be thrilled! We should be ecstatic. We have been given an opportunity in this state unlike any in my lifetime to reshape the national conversation, if only we will show the courage.

Over the years, I have worked many a festival, knocked many a…

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Posted 3 days ago

PENDER: How politics killed no-texting bill.

PENDER: How politics killed no-texting bill.

“Nooooo!” an obvious majority of the Mississippi House —Republican, Democrat, black, white — yelled in unison loud enough to rattle the stained glass. And like that, in one of the more baffling legislative moves in recent years, Mississippi remains one of the few states without a law against adults texting while driving.

“The No’s appear to have it,” House Speaker Philip Gunn announced as only…

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Posted 3 days ago

Bryant signs law changing Miss. tax practices

Bryant signs law changing Miss. tax practices

Gov Phil Bryant has signed a new law that changes how Mississippi state government collects taxes.

Bryant signed the bill Thursday at the annual meeting of the Mississippi Economic Council. That state chamber of commerce was a prime force in lobbying for changes.

A key part of the law could make it harder for Mississippi to force multistate corporations to pay more income tax in the state.


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